Personalizaciones recomendadas para Plesk

Aqui estamos presentando varios enlances de Plesk, en el cual describen como hacer las personalizaciones recomendadas para mejorar el rendimiento del servidor.

How to troubleshoot slow performance of MySQL on a Plesk server?


How to enable the Apache server statistics on a Plesk server?

When Nginx error is the following:  1024 worker_connections are not enough

# grep ‘1024 worker_connections are not enough’ /var/log/nginx/error.log | wc -l  5190

Nginx was using only 1 core instead of the *number* of cores available

# grep worker_processes /etc/nginx/nginx.conf


The optimal value depends on many factors including (but not limited to) the number of CPU cores, the number of hard disk drives that store data, and load pattern. When one is in doubt, setting it to the number of available CPU cores would be a good start (the value “auto” will try to autodetect it).

# grep worker_processes  /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

worker_processes  auto;





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